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a writing series on healing


anatomy & subtle body

My healing studies have taken me on a neuroscientific journey through my body, heart and soul.

Image © Robin Ellen Lucas

Mind-body duality

There is a mind-body duality in most of the health and healing world, where the body and the mind are split in terms of introspection, diagnosis and treatment. I have captured my own solution to this split in a ten-week study which acted as a cohesion between the two thought processes—adding spirituality—and established a foundational connection in healing modalities.

I experience it through themes, or stages of development, in my morning Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga practice, which has undoubtedly shown me many facets of what it is to be human.

Ashtanga yoga

A dedicated Ashtanga yoga practice is a lifestyle. It's where western anatomy meets eastern spiritual science. We have a lot to experience in life and it's sad to let life go by, especially precious moments. The grounded soul that I wish to be—who I am—is found in my Ashtanga yoga practice.

Ashtanga yoga, in particular its nervous system cleansing, emotional balance/imbalance, physical power/pain to spiritual insight/upheaval, brings to light psychic energies. It enacts the pathway to major shifts that I continue to encounter. I have found a way to be more intimate with my own fears and anxieties. I'm feeling my heart in its essence. I embrace discomfort so that it dissolves, for my higher good. I surrender to the universe for receiving the bigger gift for me on the other side...

Primary & Second Series

--> Anatomy and Ashtanga yoga

--> Skeletal System, Fears, Spiritual grounding

--> Muscular System, Love, Letting go

--> Integumentary System, Ego, Energy

--> Endocrine System, Aging, Spine Health

--> Respiratory System, Breathing, Meditation

--> Lymphatic System, Creativity, Intuition

--> Nervous System, Focus, Acupuncture, Herbs

--> Digestive System, Nutrition, Metabolism

--> Cardiovascular System, Blood

Future studies

Essential oils (dōTERRA) effects on the systems (t.b.d.)

Sthira Bhaga (Third Series) effects on the systems (t.b.d.)

Travel Series (t.b.d.)

Visvamitrasana (Image © Robin Ellen Lucas)