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who taught the yoga teacher?


instructors who've inspired me

simeon schatz photographyAligning with nature (Image © Simeon Schatz)


trust, heat, stillness


I've studied with some amazingly inspiring teachers. Each has helped me pave my yogic path:

→  Tim Miller, Carlsbad/Encinitas, CA - Daily Ashtanga yoga practice, becoming entrenched into its history, devoted community and loving presence which incorporates strength, grace and humor. (Includes Teacher Trainings for Primary Series and Intermediate Series)

→  John Berlinsky, Mill Valley, CA - Introducing me to Mysore-style Ashtanga and the life-changing peacefulness that comes from listening to your own breath in a self-led practice while practicing a steadfast sequence, devotional and evolving

→  Stephanie Snyder, San Francisco, CA - how to love myself through advanced Vinyasa Flow & that I should not compete with others or myself, just show up on my mat

→  Sharon Lape, Mill Valley, CA - Ashtanga yoga & the personal power I gain from a rigorous practice, combining strength with perseverance

→  Krista Holland, Ashland, OR - that the breath lives in the moment & how to cultivate the creative process

→  Shiva Rea, Venice Beach, CA - that living yoga is yoga as is surfing and going with the flow of life & Prana Flow® (200-hr Yoga Teacher Training certification)

→  Rusty Wells, San Francisco, CA - radical, heated Bhakti Flow with over 100 yogis and yoginis of the enlightened San Francisco yoga community

→  Saul David Raye, Los Angeles, CA - that a highly spiritually enlightened presence can penetrate a room full of people with the simplistic action of being there

→  Erich Schiffmann, Los Angeles, CA - that meditation interspersed with metaphors of the unknown that mimic the ocean make most sense, and are most down to earth (irony with clarity)

→  Dharma Mittra, New York City, NY - knowledge that there is much grace in extreme yoga

→  Kenny Graham, Costa Rica - Anusara yoga with flair & surfing and yoga as a life path

→  Ana Forrest, Healdsburg, CA - how to melt into your own strength and stiffness & how you can set your body free from it

→  Eric Monkhouse, Mill Valley, CA - how music evolves you & invites you to break rules to find your own path

→  Christy Brown, Mill Valley, CA - how a transcendent voice and aura soothe the soul

→  Nikki Estrada, Mill Valley, CA - valuable ins and outs of teaching yoga, which began with teaching myself

→  Michael Galica, Mill Valley, CA - that I can do way more in yoga physically than I thought & I translate this into my life as well

→  James Higgins, Mill Valley, CA - the importance of the Beginner's Mind & the true art of demystifying our own darkness through meditation and a soulful yoga practice

→  Maritza, Mill Valley, CA - my first true yoga teacher whose voice still speaks inside me whenever I teach yoga, and continues to lure me to find my own grace and guts.

Image © Robin Ellen Lucas