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Shoulder opening and alignment is key in balancing postures

Image © Yoga Robin® (Scorpion)Using my new favorite yoga toy, the "Infinity strap" to keep my shoulders from flailing out too much (a little stretchy).

Arms should be parallel to each other. My shoulder rotation makes this a tough one. Also, in order to get my feet to my head, my cervical spine and lumbar spine both need to bend more. Balancing is easier on this pose with the head and feet offering the balancing weights.

Pincha Mayurasana is more challenging for me.

For both poses, shoulder alignment is important but for Pincha Mayurasana it's the foundation to also aligning the hips over the shoulders, tucking the rib cage in (not sticking out), which in turn elongates the legs upward. Then balancing is simple and comfortable (no nerve pinching in shoulders).

Of course, shoulder muscles are activated as these are strength poses, but if the bones are not aligned correctly, the right muscles are not able to fire, giving room for other muscles to overcompensate. This causes injury (especially with repetition), in particular to the rotator cuff—subscapularis, supraspinatus.



~ Robin Ellen Lucas, MA

Image © Yoga Robin® (Pincha Mayurasana)



Sometimes the wall offers added security while learning

Image © Yoga Robin®

Sometimes the wall helps. My favorite prop.

When you want to get deeper and don't have a teacher to help you, or you are seeking some security, the wall can be a solace.

However, if you use it as a crutch (for too long), it will hold you back from experiencing your true potential. I like the wall in this half handstand pose for shoulder strengthening, and energy in legs pressed against the weight of the wall.


~ Robin Ellen Lucas, MA


Find your strength by uncovering fear

Galavasana (Image © Yoga Robin®)When you're trying to find the strength, sometimes it can be found in what would seem to be indirect places.

Expressing emotions unlocks secrets. Voices speak from within the subtle body. What you hear might not be easy to deal with, but move your body around anyway and hear it. Unclog your heart.

Don't build a shell around you or act out from that hidden source covered with fear. Embrace uncertainty.


~ Robin Ellen Lucas, MA


As if hidden, you are this



I am hidden. Are you? As if to be hidden behind words that speak illusively, at all times, bouncing off buildings and walls. I shoot an arrow and it comes back to me. Some day.

are you just words?

Who are you anyway? Are you the words or are they merely what comes out when trying to speak? There is no time to leave important words unsaid. I speak of eloquence.

Inspirational times with comic undertones spark a tune in another. Sometimes. But, truly, it’s all for you. You who deserve to be timeless and unforgotten. You are where my eyes open to receive what I’m waking up to now. I am here now because you were there and smiled and felt.

i will walk with you

Create. Create all you can be. Be creative. Be daring. Be you.

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Surrender to your heart: Let go of anger, sadness and stories that cover up your love


find your peace

Maybe it doesn't seem like it at times, but there is peace within you. Sometimes it's hiding on purpose, so that you cannot find it easily. Let's say you find the source of a problem and throw it out the window. But your inner chaos returns. Why?

Surrendering is a process. You need to believe that it relieves you. And then know that this action needs to be repeated.

But what does surrender even mean?

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Soften into your muscles: Flexibility within strength

the answer to all questions is 'yes'

The opposite of muscle contraction is softening and lengthening. Flexibility is the opposite of muscles.

Balance hardcore with softness

Going hardcore to get what bothers you most out of you, using your own internal fire, is all good. Using the rajas to their fullest is great, while you let them subside into a peaceful state. But there is a balance to that sun energy expended.

Cooling down, stretching out, and really listening in the silence you've created is the whole point of yoga. To get rid of your mind's stories, your insecurities, your anger... is to feel more tranquil.

You are waiting to listen

It is in this place that you are able to listen to your intuition, your own internal teacher.


© 2013 Yoga Robin®