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Calm the nervous system with this yoga pose

Halasana (Image © Yoga Robin®)

Perfect pose for a rainy day. Calming to the nervous system while stimulating abdominal organs and thyroid. It feels great on spine and back. The spine elongated, ligaments stretch.

I love this pose and could remain here for a long time. (Halasana pose).

I always follow this one by bending my knees around ears for an extended relaxation. (Karna Pidasana pose).

It's a great pose for winding down or for destressing. It happens to be part of the Ashtanga Yoga closing sequence. 


protect your heartbeat, yoga can help


hearts matter

You believe in your heartbeat. You live by it unconsciously, but more importantly, you trust it. It is a gage for how you feel. It's a symbol of livelihood. It's the engine for your life's blood.

When you inhale deeply to the top of your chest and feel the euphoria of your day—or stress, and then exhale deeply to the bottom of your solar plexus—as far as you can go held as long as you can go, you feel yoga.

You also feel your parasympathetic nervous system in action. Befriend it for stress-reduction and a healthy heart.

On the flip side, the sympathetic nervous system, which releases the adrenaline hormone when you are stressed, is predominate in sufferers of disease.

Your heart always beats though

Yes, it does but it matters how it beats. The ability of the heart rate to change its beating

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do you know the most important part about yoga? 


breathing is the key of yoga

Do you know that the most important part about yoga is breathing. Sure, flexibility, muscle strength, meditative spaciousness, spirituality, stamina and emotional clearing are all important aspects as well of this 5,000+ year old practice called yoga.

But, to get to the truth of your yoga, you must breathe. Deep inhale. Deep exhale. Keep doing it.

When in doubt or overwhelmed, just breathe. When depressed, just breathe. When overly excited about something to a point where you get nothing else done, just breathe.

yoga on your mat

It's easiest to practice the deepest meditative breathing while on your mat, emulating colors of fire and feeling in your mind

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The medicine of yoga and herbs

Energy or emotional boost

While hatha yoga stretches out your body, lubricates the joints, pumps blood and healthy fluids through your body while also reducing inflammation, what can you do—outside of yoga—to aid the process? When you could use an energy or emotional boost, a cool-down, or even stress management, how can you gain some holistic assistance?


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