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Deep relaxation in Savasana

Savasana (Image © Yoga Robin®)Savasana is one of my favorite poses. Why? Not because it's a simple relaxation...

It depicts the end of a vibrant and soulful yoga practice preceding it. It's the most spiritual aspect of my yoga practice sometimes, as I assimilate the meditative state I uncovered preceding it with breathing, movement, Samskaras burning and spiritual insight. 


~ Robin Ellen Lucas, MA


Respiratory System, Breathing and Meditation

Healing the Total Body: Where Western Anatomy Meets Eastern Spiritual Science

Healing Series, part 6

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Of course it works: On believing

visions of purple

Of course it works to believe. And to dream in purple...

While in savasana, your yoga sleep at the end of your practice, not that you should be asleep and dreaming, but concocting or envisioning a dream-come-true will suffice. The energy created during a powerful yoga practice that preceded it could bring you to your knees metaphorically.

It could leave you speechless, silent and in awe, even allowing you to follow yourself up an elevator to look down upon yourself from above. This clarifying space is where all that truly matters is illuminated for you to gaze upon. In solitude.

glow inside me, show me my dream

dreams that come true

If you see a purple light at the crown of your skull while in your savanana, it's a sign of the seventh chakra and connection to the spirit world. A most blissful state of being, it opens to a world where anything is possible. This is where magic comes from. If you can imagine this state of mind as a small flame flickering that never goes out, then you will be forever changed when reaching this state.

Its presence could quite possibly be preparing you for something.

...because your dream just came true...


© 2013 Yoga Robin®


The secret of breath

Stop what you are doing now


Stop what you are doing now, no matter what it is, and for 15 minutes do nothing but close your eyes and breathe deeply. Try to breathe using ujjayi breath used in Ashtanga yoga or Pranayama meditation.

Make sure that you don't cheat yourself on your inhale or your exhale. Make them equal in length. Try 5 second inhales and 5 second exhales all through your nose, breathing through the back of your throat.

This breath is like an ocean with waves ebbing and flowing slowly. With your eyes closed you can even imagine waves moving to the rhythm of your breath as you look with the eyes of your soul.

While working a busy day, living a stressful moment at home, or feeling anxiously happy, this will be like transporting yourself to the beach...

You will be releasing toxins from the body and mind with this practice.

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Find the right work-life balance: The key to happiness, health, well-being


Do you balance your life?

Are you a workaholic? Do you work extra hours because you really need the money, or do you believe your job really needs you, and that it's ok to take care of your job more than yourself? Or do you, for one reason or another, find yourself addicted to your computer whether it's work or personal?

Staying busy all the time does not help you

You do know that if you are working too much, you are acting like you are not very important.

Maybe, without knowing it, you are covering up something basic in your existence and doing it through your work. Staying busy all the time with a task that does not cultivate your soul can be like a drug that you continually allow to drive you. But you can beat it if you recognize who you truly are.

Nurture yourself

If you need rationale outside of yourself in order to ease up on workaholism, remember that no one really gets the best of you if you don't nurture yourself first.

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Coming into wholeness

coming into wholeness

Coming into wholeness. Feel your peace. Be in love with your path in life.

Find it inside you. Let go of all that makes you worry. Be free.

Access this freedom any time! The truest side of you coexists with the emotional mind...

an advaita vedanta metaphor

Imagine 3 buckets of water. 

The sun is shining in all three, and they each enjoy the sun equally. One is muddy, one is stirred up, one is still and clear.

Reflection in bucket #1 is dim and dull, in bucket #2 is agitated, and in bucket #3 is peaceful. 

Sun is the Self, water is the Mind, reflection is the Ego (mis-identification)

Some conclusions...

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Diving deep, where are you my fears?

go to the edge

I am now wondering where my fears are, going off the edge to find them in myself, in the depth of who I am. If I am bold enough and I don't turn back, I will be able to renew my patterns. This action will set me free.

In the dark shadows, I imagine I will sail through my depths as if a dream and find the silence I need and have searched for all my life. I know that the best stuff is at the very bottom.

gems and secrets are beacons

More conspicuous and offset against the darkness, the gems and secrets are easier to see and feel. Sometimes they shine with luminosity like a beacon, with my name on them!

The bottom must be a bed of soft sand which I can dig my bare feet into and feel rooted, maybe for the first time. The ground of my soul. To touch this part of me is to release all that I previously imagined was hidden.

Transforming itself, no longer in the dark, I will invite it to be a part of my waking life.

freedom lies in our minds and bodies

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Savasana: A true art


Savasana, the final pose of any decent yoga practice is the place where you reflect upon your entire practice as it comes before your eyes from a distant cloud.

Savasana is one of the most important poses in yoga, reflecting true peace as the culmination of your practice.

This final resting pose, otherwise known as Corpse Pose, is a pose in which to wrap the fruits of your labors, your joys of movement, and your love for your body.

Wring out toxins

After moving the precious prana within your body through movements that flow through you, twists that wring out toxins, and peaceful moments in between that take your breath away, savasana is a time to celebrate and smile within. It's a place for stillness.


Celebrate your life force. You may have a tendency to ignore it as you move along in your busy day.

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