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Muscular System and Love

Healing the Total Body: Where Western Anatomy Meets Eastern Spiritual Science

Healing Series, part 3

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Don't give away your personal power by complaining

Be empowered when you are injured or in pain. You have what you need inside to heal yourself if you let your body's inherent wisdom do its job. 

keep your power

Are you ever around people who complain, sometimes incessantly? Do you ask yourself if they are actually expecting you to take care of their issues? 

own your own issues, feel your heatWhen you complain, you are giving away the answers and natural healing abilities. When others are in the room to hear you—whether intentionally or not, you put it out there for the person who is potentially listening. Do you think that person should heal you?

no whining

If not, then why

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The medicine of yoga and herbs

Energy or emotional boost

While hatha yoga stretches out your body, lubricates the joints, pumps blood and healthy fluids through your body while also reducing inflammation, what can you do—outside of yoga—to aid the process? When you could use an energy or emotional boost, a cool-down, or even stress management, how can you gain some holistic assistance?


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