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Drop your usual excuses: Rewiring your mental patterns

The one place where my tailbone feels comfortable in this asana (Navasana): at the beach. Now to bring a bag of beach sand with me to yoga class.

Why do this pose? It's a good way for me to describe what ashtanga yoga does for me.

breathe into challenge

On a yoga mat on hardwood floor, all of my focus is on slow deep breaths and on engaging uddiyana bandha and mula bandha. Going to the edge of challenge and breathing into it cultivates this pattern in other areas of my life.

When I first walked into a mysore-style ashtanga class and was asked to do this, I had all the excuses on why I'm not so good at it (One, I had 3 pregnancies and my abdominal muscles split apart; two, I fractured my tailbone). All of this was ten+ years before but I carried that excuse with me.

transform excuses to power

What I was really doing was coming up with an excuse to hide and not grow into being more than I was. Good metaphor for why I have continued with ashtanga yoga. It has only gotten better (the lessons) since then.


Robin Ellen Lucas, MA


Ayurveda and Ashtanga Yoga: Balance and the Ego

Image © Robin Ellen Lucas

the study of inner space

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga. Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga is based on the principles of Ayurveda, since it is customized for each person. It is the study of the inner space within you and so too is a self-led Ashtanga practice where you listen to your inner voice.

The main goal of both Ayurveda and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Mysore-style self-led practice) is to bring yourself to a balanced state. Each individual is unique, leading to varying definitions of what it takes to come into balance.

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Integumentary System, Energy and Ego

Healing the Total Body: Where Western Anatomy Meets Eastern Spiritual Science

Healing Series, part 4 

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Anatomy & Ashtanga Yoga: Healing Series

Healing the Total Body: Where Western Anatomy Meets Eastern Spiritual Science

Healing Series, part 1 

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