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path to joy


I combine the art of yoga, integrative health and the poetry of words into a lifestyle of mind-body medicine, yoga philosophy and holistic healing, teaching and sharing from mindfulness and introspection. A path to joy appears as suffering is alleviated and new doors open for making dreams come true. As a resident of Marin County (San Francisco Bay Area), I help others recognize the profound connection between the physiology of the body and the psychology of the mind, cultivating that connection through yoga, healthy living and other creative expressions. Teaching private yoga lessons locally and inspiring internationally as a writer, I instigate integration of the pragmatic with the spiritual, bringing people to balance and wholeness.

vehicle for transformation


Hatha yoga—Ashtanga, Iyengar, etc.—pushes through locks in the body and unleashes what we hold captive from ourselves, both enlightening and dark. It brings us closer to ourselves, physiologically by feeling our biochemistry change. From the breath to the body’s movement, we become a vehicle for transformation. To add to my integrative healing modality, I'm a firm believer in the healing benefits of essential oils and am happy to share dōTERRA products and their benefits with my current and potential clients. The yoga postures themselves, however, are a container for conquering fear of facing real or perceived limitations in life; essential oils assist with this goal. By moving beyond fears into new possibilities, we train the nervous system to be strong in the face of adversity.

personal clarity


The goal of my work is to provide my clients with access to inner peace and personal clarity. After the physical yoga practice, the essence of what’s released can be captured through the written word, spoken voice or simply held in silent reflection, infusing these connections into everyday life. As we allow for a deeper experience, wellness is achieved through integrity of the yoga practice and a commitment to a spiritual life. Truly knowing oneself—real and vulnerable—helps one avoid spiritual bypassing and escapist mentalities, thereby bridging the grounding of reality with the ambition of dreams and intention. I help people meet their own needs whatever their current circumstances, but recognize my niche.

never stop evolving


As a practioner and teacher, I also aspire for the physical, emotional and spiritual coherence that this work provides—for myself and close family members. My strategy will always transform as will I. I’m continually guided by my Master of Arts in East-West Psychology, specializing in holistic health, as well as my daily Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga practice and daylong essential oils experiential lessons. I look forward to publishing my yoga and health book soon.

 ~ robin

Robin E. Lucas, M.A.

Encinitas, CA