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\əˈsen(t)SHəl\  absolutely necessary; extremely important; fundamental or central to the nature of something or someone.

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Essential Oils for Soul Series: Scents and Remedies

Welcome to my essential oils journey coupled with ashtanga yoga practice and life. First 10-part series:

#1: Creativity and Trust
#2: Feminine and Personal Power
#3: Anger Management
#4: Pain Management
#5: Skincare
#6: Calming Anxiety
#7: Alkalinity, water and supportive essential oils
#8: Staying alert, focused
#9: Breathing, respiratory system and unconditional love
#10: Happiness and the power of being grounded
#Finale: Bridging yoga and essential oils

Second 10-part series:

#11: Hormones, balance
#12: Sleeping
#13: Spirituality
#14: Calm on vacation
#15: Love and romance
#16: Food and wellness
#17: Oxygenating the body
#18: Ocean-filled air and psyche
#19: Making a living through health
#20: Surviving the holidays

Check my yoga blog for yoga, spirituality and essential oil remedies mixed in.

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Essential oils for soul: Weekly scents and remedies, week two

opening heart. uplifting senses.


Now we're on to the second week of my essential oil and yoga talk. I'm calling it a talk because it feels like an experiential event recorded on the internet, then discussed. I'm not an essential oil expert with years of laborious scientific study. I'm a yogini, an ashtangi, a healer, a feeler, an integrative medicine advocate. Essential oils are medicine and I'm their devotee.

I discussed part of my bedtime and morning ritual last week with Cirtus Bliss and Aborvitae. To continue...

doTERRA Whisper™ - Blend for Women (Image © Yoga Robin®)Each morning as I'm getting ready for yoga

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