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\əˈsen(t)SHəl\  absolutely necessary; extremely important; fundamental or central to the nature of something or someone.

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Essential Oils for Soul Series: Scents and Remedies

Welcome to my essential oils journey coupled with ashtanga yoga practice and life. First 10-part series:

#1: Creativity and Trust
#2: Feminine and Personal Power
#3: Anger Management
#4: Pain Management
#5: Skincare
#6: Calming Anxiety
#7: Alkalinity, water and supportive essential oils
#8: Staying alert, focused
#9: Breathing, respiratory system and unconditional love
#10: Happiness and the power of being grounded
#Finale: Bridging yoga and essential oils

Second 10-part series:

#11: Hormones, balance
#12: Sleeping
#13: Spirituality
#14: Calm on vacation
#15: Love and romance
#16: Food and wellness
#17: Oxygenating the body
#18: Ocean-filled air and psyche
#19: Making a living through health
#20: Surviving the holidays

Check my yoga blog for yoga, spirituality and essential oil remedies mixed in.

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Here is why I have chosen dōTERRA to infiltrate my life and as a business

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

For various reasons, I am now a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.

There are no wasted efforts in nature. Scents serve specific purposes to a plant's survival. Scents are actually volatile aromatic compounds... protective, reproductive, regenerative. They help plants ward off unfriendly pests, attract friendly herbivores and help them heal from infection and physical injury.

Distilled directly from plant sources, essential oils are multifaceted agents that have seemingly endless applications toward our health and can be used aromatically, topically or internally.

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