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\əˈsen(t)SHəl\  absolutely necessary; extremely important; fundamental or central to the nature of something or someone.

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Essential Oils for Soul Series: Scents and Remedies

Welcome to my essential oils journey coupled with ashtanga yoga practice and life. First 10-part series:

#1: Creativity and Trust
#2: Feminine and Personal Power
#3: Anger Management
#4: Pain Management
#5: Skincare
#6: Calming Anxiety
#7: Alkalinity, water and supportive essential oils
#8: Staying alert, focused
#9: Breathing, respiratory system and unconditional love
#10: Happiness and the power of being grounded
#Finale: Bridging yoga and essential oils

Second 10-part series:

#11: Hormones, balance
#12: Sleeping
#13: Spirituality
#14: Calm on vacation
#15: Love and romance
#16: Food and wellness
#17: Oxygenating the body
#18: Ocean-filled air and psyche
#19: Making a living through health
#20: Surviving the holidays

Check my yoga blog for yoga, spirituality and essential oil remedies mixed in.

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Essential oils for soul: Weekly scents and remedies, week twelve

Here's a great topic, now that I have the hormone balance covered...

Restful sleep matters

Sleep. A good night's sleep is golden. Without it you feel it most. I give it my utmost priority but haven't discussed it much yet in this essential oils blog because it's not an ailment for me—because I've got it covered! However, with a recent decadent weeklong vacation, I am reminded of the power of sleep.

I'll start with an essential oil by doTERRA that was initially branded to be for sleep, but was then changed. It's called Serenity®. I've written about it before and how it helps to access emotions that take me off track.

Serentiy® Restful Blend, Calming Blend

Serenity has changed, how?

I wrote about Serenity® (Calming Blend) before and its effects on emotional health. How has this blend changed?

It used to contain: Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean Extract.

The same ingredients still exist in the newer Serenity® (Restful Blend) but a few have been added: Cedarwood, Ho Wood and Vetiver.

Sleep aid, sleep elixir at bedside

Is there honestly a difference in the way the blends make me feel? Here's an example. I've taken some time to research this within myself before commenting.

I use the original Serenity® (Calming Blend) while I'm at my desk typing, thinking, contemplating. It is handy when I'm feeling words rush through me without a place to ground themselves. It calms me from wishing to plan my weekend, or month or life, for that matter. As I discussed in a past article, Serenity® (Calming Blend) has the added benefit of subduing overly excited states. It calms emotions, in particular, that can get in the way of focusing on what's important in life.

Now that I have the Serenity® (Restful Blend), I have that little brown bottle of elixir on my bedside table—and it goes with me in my travel bag on vacations—to rub on my wrists and under my nose before bed (and even on my pillows). I have always been a big fan of sleeping well. Always. (And luckily I gave birth to 3 babies who also believe this; yes, I got lucky.)

Wake with clarity and ease

Through trials and tribulations of getting the best night's rest, I've tried many herbal and natural remedies. I'm a firm believer in the drowsy effects of Valerian Root. Best night's sleep for years. However, in the last few years I've aspired toward the goal of waking up early for my Ashtanga yoga practice. Over time, I've desired to wake up earlier and earlier.

Now, I wake up for Pranayama before Ashtanga yoga with my teacher and a small candlelit group. At first I felt like a warrior, drinking too much coffee just to make sure I was there by 5:59 a.m., heart pumping strongly but at least I was there.

Now I aspire to something much greater. I wish to be awake and present and calm and breathing freely—holding my breath in retentions freely—during my one hour of goodness. And then I wish to practice Ashtanga yoga for two hours, with my spirit guiding the way while physically challenged to the max, body and spirit on auto-pilot.

Sleep without being trapped under something heavy

The only way to be all this is to *not* take Valerian Root before sleeping because, with it, I'm partially trapped under something heavy when my alarm goes off. I'm in the search of clarity while waking yet dreamy sleep (and with dreams to remember).

The answer to my quandary is the new Serenity® (Restful Blend). The added essential oils—Cedarwood, Ho Wood and Vetiver—make a difference. First of all, Vetiver is the essential oil of centering and rooting in life; it invites focus on self-awareness and roots to your source of intelligence and spirituality. I've been experimenting with it for some time. I don't like the scent of it on its own, so have created many blends with it as the main event, both for topical use and through the diffuser. I've come to the conclusion that it makes me drowsy. I've performed various experiments to make sure it was, in fact, the Vetiver that caused this. It is from my experience.

Cedarwood is calming to the hormones. So, if they are what keep you up at night—male or female—then this essential oil with assist. For example, it's my go-to essential oil for PMS to rub on my palms and take a big inhale. Its effect is quick.

Ho Wood is an essential oil I have yet to experience on its own. It's one of the ingredients in one of my favorite, daily blends Balance® (Grounding Blend) which I apply each morning to my chest and bottoms of my feet before yoga. This blend is known for bringing you back to earth but what I like the best is that it is said to assist with oxygenating the blood. That's the Spruce included in the blend as it's capable of dialating the bronchial tract which improves oxygen exchange. Disease cannot live in an oxygenated body.

Complement to serenity

In summary, I'm a big fan of the new Serenity® (Restful Blend)... I have recently been experiementing with the new Serenity® (Restful Complex) gel caps to be taken before sleeping. I couple all of this with the following combination in my diffuser by my bed:

Petitgrain - calms Nervous System
Jupiper Berry - enhances dreams
Bergamot - balances emotions

Now, when I wake, I'm awake. I'm ready. No more 'Snooze.' Sleep well... zzzzzzzzzz

[If you want to try some dōTERRA® essential oils yourself, here are two ways to do it. 1) Shop here for retail purchases directly. 2) Join to get wholesale prices. Ships internationally.]


~ Robin Ellen Lucas, M.A.


Essential oils for soul: Weekly scents and remedies, week ten

Cheer™ (Uplifting Blend) by doTERRAWell, I got to the Happiness post a little later than I thought. I mentioned it at the culmination of my third post on anger management, promising to discuss the ingredients of one of my favorite blends, Cheer™ (Uplifting Blend). Here I am again, weeks later.

path to happiness

Why such a sidetrack? There is a lot that gets in the way of happiness. I have a tendency to see toward the end result when I'm speaking, thinking, writing, and see that I did it here too. But reality is different. The realistic truth is that each of these facets of the psyche, mind, heart, soul matter and you need to be in tune with them before you can reach a state of happiness.

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Essential oils for soul: Weekly scents and remedies, week eight


doTERRA essential oil blends, Serenity® and InTune®

Focus or daydream?

This post is about Focus and Attention. First of all, I'm not going to talk about ADHD or self-help techniques to get you to be more organized in your days. I am more interested in diving deeper into the root of what drives you to get sidetracked, sometimes in a psychologically controlled fashion sprinkled with a rebellious undertone, or maybe even hopelessness.

I want to address the issues at hand that are supported with essential oils—ones that set a foundation for a healthy mindset. From that thriving place within yourself, you are then ready to focus on your passion.

Emotions distract

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Essential oils for soul: Weekly scents and remedies, week one

sharing : essential oils

Essential oils are relaxing, aromatic, healing and balancing. Applied topically to the skin, taken orally or breathed in through a diffuser, essential oils are naturally-occurring, volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant.

doTERRA Citrus Bliss - Invigorating Blend, Arborvitae (Image © Yoga Robin®)In my case they are powerfully useful for healing and daily balance. My Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga practice invites me to go to my edge each morning, and with this tremendous practice I pair essential oils together with it for the maximum benefit.

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