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Essential oils for soul: Weekly scents and remedies, week five

Now that I'm soothed with my essential oils, switching gears. This week's post is all about the skin, its proactive care and remedies for ailments. From eczema or psoriasis, to anti-aging or even melanomas, there are some powerful, medicinal essential oils out there that can help.

anti-aging, sun & skin health

This is an important topic for me; first, I live in a hot, sunny climate where I find myself at the beach daily and second, I am light-skinned with recessive genes. I hesitated to write about this vast topic because there are so many skin conditions and treatments—some holistic, some not. There are many controversies too from sunscreen additives that cause hormone imbalance to cures for skin cancer. I'm focusing here on skin health, moisturizing for anti-aging and protection from the sun. This topic of skin will undoubtedly lead to a second article.

dōTERRA essential oils for skin (Image © Yoga Robin®)

Starting with the most important: anti-cancer treatments. I'm not speaking from experience here but it is a topic that is close to my heart and academic study. How do cancer cells work, how are they vanquished, and how to create an environment that they will not venture into?

anti-cancer essential oils

Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Arborvitae are all high on the list having produced scientifically successful results for topical essential oil application to aid or prevent precancerous skin (see Disclaimer below). Diffusing the oils through the air to breathe is an option too, as is one drop on the tongue for oral intake.

~ Frankincense (topically, diffused, orally).

It's also great for spiritual awareness and the nervous system, which can alleviate fears, impatience and irritiability around healing from a skin ailment. It goes beyond the blood-brain barrier and may oxygenate the pineal gland (regulates day and night times for sleep) and pituitary gland (master of endocrine system, essential to wellbeing, harmonizes with nervous system).

~Hawaiian Sandalwood (topically, diffused, orally).

It is said to be anti-tumor. Also, similar in action to Frankincense in relieving for nervous system tension and hormones. I have personally witnessed the effects of this oil on spots on my face that have presumably appeared due to sun-bathing. This essential oil—like no other (including western medicine chemical peels, IPL, etc.)—exfoliates, brings circulation to cells, moisturizes, disinfects, and does it quickly with the help of franctionated coconut oil. I've found it to be like spot treatment for a facial or skin treatment.

~ Arborvitae (topically, diffused).

This oil gives off a burning sensation when applied directly to the skin; but for me, it's a sign that it's working (and that burning is short-lived). It's also emotionally powerful for spiritual awareness, which in part can alleviate fears around this ailment, restoring belief in healing. I've experienced a few miracles when using Arborvitae essential oil in my diffuser when accompanied with intention and trust (around topics outside of this one).

From an integrative health position, cancer cells do not want to live in an oxygenated, physically and emotionally healthy system with a solid and sustainable nervous system. Aside from the skin healing these oils provide, their effects on the rest of the body can be paramount.

hydrating, youthful

When getting older the skin loses its moisture and elasticity. Applying moisturizers to maintain the youthful vibrancy of the skin is a daily necessity. When facing environmental elements (i.e., cold, high altitude, sun) this effort becomes more important. Nourishing the skin is the best prevention for wrinkles later on. Hydration is key to giving structure to skin cells and tissues, restoring youthfulness.

These essential oils are helpful to nourish the skin: Arborvitae, Myrrh (also penetrates fingernails and toenail dryness), Lavender (also healing for wounds), Frankincense and Hawaiian Sandalwood. Nourishing entails bringing the cells back to their natural state, which assists with the effects of aging.

These proprietry blends make skincare easier while enjoying the holistic approach to anti-aging:

Immortelle (Anti-Aging Blend or Moisturizer) - contains Lavender, Jasmine, Geranium, Frankincense

Veráge™ Immortelle Hydrating Serum - contains Frankincense, Lavender, Helichrysum, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Myrrh, Rose

I've personally tested out each of these essential oils, and feel that these statements are authentic. (Note: I used to work for a western medicine doctor who specialized in skin rejuvenation; I tried out many products and procedures, some holistic, some not. I have many experiences to compare the effects of essential oils to.)

skin disorders

Who doesn't want to treat an annoying skin disorder holistically? The alternative is a steroid prescription. Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis can be alleviated with essential oils, namely Helichrysum and Arborvitae. I'm seeing some personal results on a couple spots (elbow, knee) after applying these oils daily.

My experience with the steroid creams is that the condition vanishes but definitely returns and next time with a vengeance; the nature of this prescription is not to heal but to control, and the body fights back with angry cells. Essential oils are a more gentle remedy as is a specific diet (some believe gluten-free, some believe old-fashioned fats and bone marrow broth). At any rate, these essential oils offer a pleasurable healing experience.

sun block

This post would not be complete without mention of the sun's effect on skin. Visible effects may take years to rise to the surface of the dermis. Sunscreen is important, especially with direct, prolonged sun exposure.

As mentioned above, there are various studies on harmful effects of many sunscreens on the market. I'm not too happy to hear that some of them have been known to disrupt the hormone balance. I work hard enough in yoga to maintain a balance throughout my mind-body which invariably balances hormones too. Sun uplifts the mood so it's powerful medicine. To think that blocking its harmful rays—when I'm feeling the need to overdo the uplifting effect—could do me more harm than good is disheartening.

Therefore, I have studied up on the warnings—specific ingredients—and know what to look for on the labels of sunscreens. I steer away from the toxic ones; sadly for the general consumer, that is most of them. Some essential oils can offer a natural screen; they are not to replace a higher SPF sunblock when it's needed.

At any rate, these essential oils have natural sunscreen properties: Arborvitae and Helichrysum. Helichrysum is also good for anger management (I missed it in my post on this topic probably because it is a multi-faceted essential oil). It's also good for anti-aging. The sun is said to increase its effectiveness, as is the case with anger coincidentally, or is that how nature intended? 

**Disclaimer: I am only passing along what I've read, studied and experienced firsthand with my own skin. I am not a cancer expert or cancer patient.

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~ Robin Ellen Lucas, M.A.


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