be you, creative™


unleashing your creative side

Write with me as if... I'm writing you (Image © Robin Ellen Lucas)

Why wouldn't you live from the place inside you that resonates with your fire, your heat and your passions? Every second, every hour, every day.

Be you in every moment. Be the you that wakes up in the morning, still groggy, remembering what exactly went on the hours before while dreaming. Be inquisitive. Get up and just be. 


capture your essence


Be you, creative™ is my latest mind-body connection brand, which attempts to capture what we hold captive. From movements in the body through Hatha yoga, to writing to allow your voice to arise (post-yoga poetic karma or not), or simply being silent and containing the expression all within yourself—wide awake and involved, capture it and assimilate it in you.


release body tightness


It takes courage to put yourself out there.

Your yoga practice is a direct reflection of how you act in your life, particularly during challenge. You store trapped emotions and energy in your body in the places that feel the tightest. Since your mind and body are connected, when you free up these areas, and pathways are again avenues for all that defines you, you will feel more clarity. It's not an easy process sometimes, and it always evolves.


handling life's challenges


This in-depth expressive mind-body service attempts to get you to know that one's yoga practice is a direct reflection of one’s life—that the way one handles a challenging yoga pose is the same way challenges in life are handled. I guide this experience, prompting one to go to the next emotional, psychological and/or spiritual level.

Writing and yoga go together. Whether it be poetic or analytical, writing boosts one’s intelligence as it promotes thought while also slowing down chaotic thoughts. Writing allows for better management of streams of wonder, desires, fears and responsibilities.

Yoga helps to calm down unnecessary clutter in the mind. After the dust has been cleared, true inspiration arises. This expressive art is integral yoga, allowing the evolution of the practice into a creative and meditative expression.


poetry that writes you


I bring out my own inner poet after an invigorating Hatha yoga practice, and show how it enhances life’s purpose and everyday patience, creativity, productivity and psychology.

Through poetic ad copy for my freelance copywriting business, I've learned how the power of words permeate my yoga world. I've become a better writer, despite my lifelong writing passion, because of my yoga practice.


Bhujangasana, Cobra pose (Image © Robin Ellen Lucas)