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Backbends are a sure thing for unleashing prana

Natarajasana B (Image © Yoga Robin®)This pose feels so good with the strap. The Ashtanga way is to hold the toes, no strap (and for me, this means that all of my energy goes toward not dropping the foot, or even getting it). My favorite Iyengar teacher instructs this one with a strap.

It is a wonderful shoulder opener (euphoric) and doing it this way I'm feeling the Prana in my shoulders, entire back, up and down legs. I'm even smiling. Using resistance against the strap (foot and shoulders higher up) feels even better. I forget I'm even balancing. My favorite backbend...

Backbends are a sure thing for unleashing all kinds of emotional holding. For me, it's a guarantee and always leaves me happier. Some people experience fear and sadness in backbends (and I'm also one of them) as these feelings hide inside a broken heart or cold heart that doesn't feel much...but can't help but rise to the surface in backbends. Getting the energy to express itself is a wonderful way to release it.


Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Image © Yoga Robin®)


Integumentary System, Energy and Ego

Healing the Total Body: Where Western Anatomy Meets Eastern Spiritual Science

Healing Series, part 4 

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Anatomy & Ashtanga Yoga: Healing Series

Healing the Total Body: Where Western Anatomy Meets Eastern Spiritual Science

Healing Series, part 1 

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what's up with "moon days" in ashtanga Mysore yoga?


Blood Moon in OctoberI practice Ashtanga Mysore-style yoga every morning lately. I love its blissful effects on my entire life. From the intensity of the poses to the self-led regimen to the specific sequencing, it's the real deal. 

no yoga on moon days

I wonder though about the classical necessity to not practice on the Moon Days. This means, there is no class held on New Moon or on Full Moon. Typically, you practice 6 days per week in general, and also take breaks on the Moon Days.

the moon's cycle gives us special energy

With all of my experience with yoga and moon energy and its watery nature

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You transfix me: You are my chakras


you are balanced. i live with you.

You are a work of art. It’s not easy but you do it. You live true to who you are and know it. When you are open, chakras, in my yoga practice, I don’t question it. 

dear chakras, you help me walk with strength, enchanted. i’m open to each of you as you arrive, speak and feel. i know who you are…


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Yoga brain while driving to class

it's all in the intentionDriving to yoga is part of yoga. I got the chance to notice its power just this morning on a long distance drive to class on this Sunday morning. 

it's all in the intention

Not getting into the class because it was full is a bummer, but this event has become part of my yoga too. As I search to find the reason for missing another life-changing class and for wasting up to an hour in the car, I realize that the meaning is in what I experienced on the way there that was inspired by the energy of the class I'd been to countless times—and knew that the long drive justifies the effort. Although missed, I physically and emotionally lived it in advance.

It gave me my personal power. I still have it as I drive home. 


© 2013 Yoga Robin®


How Yoga Robin was born: Why private yoga instruction?

Private vs. group yoga

Many people drop into their favorite group yoga class, with usually a number of studios, teachers and times to choose from. With an unlimited membership at a studio, why would a student choose private instruction instead?

Robin in Death Valley 108 degrees (image © Simeon Schatz)

How I began teaching yoga

I started teaching private yoga exclusively

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The medicine of yoga and herbs

Energy or emotional boost

While hatha yoga stretches out your body, lubricates the joints, pumps blood and healthy fluids through your body while also reducing inflammation, what can you do—outside of yoga—to aid the process? When you could use an energy or emotional boost, a cool-down, or even stress management, how can you gain some holistic assistance?


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