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Manipura Chakra: Be self-assured with third chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra, it is time for you now.

I'm fascinated by what's on the other side of you. Impatience is my path to you, but you are my drive to make things happen. You feed my self-esteem on the way to our edge, the place we usually travel. You're my personal power. ‪#‎chakrahealing‬ ‪#‎emotions‬ ‪#‎manipurachakra‬

(excerpt from "You Transfix Me: You Are My Chakras" Part 3 of series of 7).


~ Robin Ellen Lucas, MA


how i invite personal power with my yoga practice


source: Facebook evokeandimagine


I am humbled by many of life's experiences. This extends into my yoga practice, despite the fact that I'm a yoga teacher. I always remain a yoga student. As a teacher, it's my mission to always learn from my teachers and students. And there are situations that seem to occur in my life, as if concocted just for me to see and experience.

Continually learning is a sign of confidence, I believe. I never know it all. This is my yoga philosophy.

always a student

Even with myself, I am always a student of my own mind, continually needing to clear

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