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On inspiration and how it touches you

believe in yourself (Omkarasana)

Inspiration comes in many forms.

We are inspired by nature, by animals, by other people, and the list goes on. Today I am inspired by all 3 including the birds (not just my cats) and by a fellow yogini for inspiring me to attempt a challenging yoga asana.

Just trying is half the battle--within your limits, of course.

feel your passions

It's a beautiful life when you feel passion and inspiration moving through you. Believe in yourself. It touches all you do.


~ Robin Ellen Lucas, MA


Follow the mist

Keep your mind opened to possibilities

Ever-changing, I seem in this moment to be in the middle of a silent breath between states.

Just as there are many forms of life, I notice that it is common for people to tag a style of being in the world, which then closes them off to other inspirations that could come spontaneously, from afar or from within.

There is a misty quality to knowing I am on the right path, regardless of the unknown.

I follow the mist........

follow your own truth

There are uncountable ways to grow and evolve. Each has his or her own way, and to follow another's way is to not fully engaging with one's own inner guidance. I am influenced by many modes of thought but always, in the end, I follow my own visions. 

In fact, my yoga practice has taught me this as well.

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