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confidence, thoughtfulness, skill

Perfectly imbalanced just the way you are (Image © Robin Ellen Lucas)

my yoga philosophy


With humility, I always remain a yoga student, learning from teachers and students alike. I believe in continually cultivating a Zen Beginner's Mind, which in practice becomes a sign of confidence not only in yoga, but in life as a whole. For, we never know it all; we can always learn from one another.

This philosophy is especially important with a more intermediate or advanced yoga practice in order to protect the body. I invite you to peruse the topics on my blog and social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to learn more about my school of thought.

you can accomplish anything


Throughout my yoga evolution—both as student and teacher—I've learned how important it is to clear out the impediments in my mind that get in the way of knowing that I can accomplish anything. I juxtapose this with the pure illumination of thought and emotion as I learn to harness the truth contained within me and follow it like a beacon on my path.

Yoga has been my vehicle to successfully navigating through life's quantum possibilities. I enthusiastically spread my philosophy to others, with hopes that my leadership will be a model for yoga's life-changing qualities. Still, I don't believe that my way of being in the world is the only way. Being open to other inspirations that could come to you spontaneously, from afar or within, is important. (Here is my Mission Statement).

it's all about balance

 Dwi Pada Sirsasana (photo credits: Ashtanga Yoga Center)

Find the fine balance between the two sides of yourself, which intermingle in the subtle body as Ida and Pindala. We work through yoga to bring these into balance as the energies make their way up the Sushumna up the spine.

The balance is not just between right and left, but in many other manifestations: feminine/masculine, yin/yang, mental/vital, moon/sun, intuition/logic, desire/action, passive/aggressive, parasympathetic/sympathetic, tamas/rajas. When we are truly balanced, all effort becomes effortless and still. The yoga texts I've learned through my advanced studies get into more depth on the intricacies.

perfect just the way we are


I have to remind myself, and you as well, that we are perfect just the way we are. When we allow our bodies and minds to travel to their edges—in the shelter that yoga provides, we give ourselves the gift of personal transformation. Just as all experiences in life hold valuable lessons, so too can each of our yoga practice sessions.

Inside each of us is a wild thing—both rogue and sensitive, available to connect with us in all ways. Each of us can find our power through stillness. 

 Don't give up... the best is on the other side (Image © Robin Ellen Lucas)