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I'm a rebel… I close my eyes in Bikram Yoga sometimes because it helps me see

eye closed and seeingDo you hear me now? Probably not if your eyes are opened, focused in the mirror in your yoga class.

I am here, eyes closed yet wide opened. I am listening to my own chakras, which speak louder with colors through darkened eyelids.

Yoga brings me there, not my own eye contact with myself in the mirror.


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The secret of breath

Stop what you are doing now


Stop what you are doing now, no matter what it is, and for 15 minutes do nothing but close your eyes and breathe deeply. Try to breathe using ujjayi breath used in Ashtanga yoga or Pranayama meditation.

Make sure that you don't cheat yourself on your inhale or your exhale. Make them equal in length. Try 5 second inhales and 5 second exhales all through your nose, breathing through the back of your throat.

This breath is like an ocean with waves ebbing and flowing slowly. With your eyes closed you can even imagine waves moving to the rhythm of your breath as you look with the eyes of your soul.

While working a busy day, living a stressful moment at home, or feeling anxiously happy, this will be like transporting yourself to the beach...

You will be releasing toxins from the body and mind with this practice.

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