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Sitting in a chair all day is bad for you

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Image © Yoga Robin®)

Don't sit at desk all day

It's important to take a break while working at your desk. Sitting in a chair all day is not good for you. Even for a few hours it takes a toll on your cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. It leads to muscle degeneration, organ damage, lymphatic blockage, psoas contraction, circulatory issues in legs, etc. I personally add psychological craziness to the list.

I do quick yoga breaks often in my office, in particular to keep my spine elongated and shoulders open. I practice Ashtanga yoga every morning so it's a matter of reopening what was already open earlier in the day. If I let all of my hard work succumb to the computer, I feel a combination of carpal tunnel syndrome and skeletal misalignment in my upper back.

Getting into alignment in my yoga practice each morning is such a precious thing! Keeping it is my daily at-home or at-office practice.



Backbends are a sure thing for unleashing prana

Natarajasana B (Image © Yoga Robin®)This pose feels so good with the strap. The Ashtanga way is to hold the toes, no strap (and for me, this means that all of my energy goes toward not dropping the foot, or even getting it). My favorite Iyengar teacher instructs this one with a strap.

It is a wonderful shoulder opener (euphoric) and doing it this way I'm feeling the Prana in my shoulders, entire back, up and down legs. I'm even smiling. Using resistance against the strap (foot and shoulders higher up) feels even better. I forget I'm even balancing. My favorite backbend...

Backbends are a sure thing for unleashing all kinds of emotional holding. For me, it's a guarantee and always leaves me happier. Some people experience fear and sadness in backbends (and I'm also one of them) as these feelings hide inside a broken heart or cold heart that doesn't feel much...but can't help but rise to the surface in backbends. Getting the energy to express itself is a wonderful way to release it.


Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Image © Yoga Robin®)


Soften into your muscles: Flexibility within strength

the answer to all questions is 'yes'

The opposite of muscle contraction is softening and lengthening. Flexibility is the opposite of muscles.

Balance hardcore with softness

Going hardcore to get what bothers you most out of you, using your own internal fire, is all good. Using the rajas to their fullest is great, while you let them subside into a peaceful state. But there is a balance to that sun energy expended.

Cooling down, stretching out, and really listening in the silence you've created is the whole point of yoga. To get rid of your mind's stories, your insecurities, your anger... is to feel more tranquil.

You are waiting to listen

It is in this place that you are able to listen to your intuition, your own internal teacher.


© 2013 Yoga Robin®


Starting or getting motivated for a yoga practice

New yoga class

Are you new to yoga and hesitant to begin? Do you feel like you are the only one left who has never tried yoga?

Do you let an injury hold you back, and tell yourself, "I'll start when it's healed"? Do you feel like it would be too difficult? Do you feel it would be too boring?

Do you tell yourself you are not flexible enough, not strong enough, not spiritual enough?

Whatever the reason, I am here to tell you that there is no good reason to hesitate. Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a yoga practice for everyone. Start today!

There is no better time than the present to invest in your mind, body, heart and soul....


© 2010 Yoga Robin®