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Robin's student doing a relaxing shoulder-opener (Student: Jessica Smith of Mill Valley)

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I teach private yoga because I enjoy being an integral part of my students' evolutions, watching them thrive with my dedicated attention. My Master of Arts in East-West Psychology included therapeutic training for somatic and psychological health conditions. My typical clients who receive great benefits from my yoga sessions are:

* Over-scheduled parents

* Athletes needing to balance effort with receptivity and softness

* Corporate workaholics cut off from feeling

* Going through divorce or other kinds of transitions

* Parents of teenagers

* Shy, reserved, introverted

* Over-achievers who are never satisfied

* In moderate physical pain, which lowers quality of life

Yoga sessions are customized to student's skill, requests and energy. From ashtanga yoga to yoga therapy to restorative yoga, we will clear physical, emotional and mental constrictions and bring relaxation to life. Yoga is good for bringing circulation back to and strengthening surrounding areas after injuries or physical therapy. Yoga helps with overall inspiration in life that arises from tuning into our own inner guidance


Robin helping her enthusiastic student warm up her hips first... (Student: Karen Williams of Mill Valley)

body alignment, mental focus, stamina


I cater each class to my student's needs, paying close attention to body alignment and mental focus. We work with the intricacies of some of the most important yoga asanas (poses) to complement that end, so that the prana will flow smoothly and adequately.

We each hold emotions and energy in our tight and "balled up" body parts. It's important to keep the energy channels open and flowing so that the body and mind are healthy. This is especially true after extreme sports, meeting the physical edges.

De-stressing from a hardcore bike ride (Student: Brian Smith of Mill Valley)

Through my graduate studies, my specialization in mind-body studies connects scientific and spiritual thought to the bridge between the physiology of the body and the psychology of the mind. 

My own practice consists of daily morning Mysore-style Ashtanga to ground myself in life and burn out my own samskaras—patterns in life that hold me back. I’ve studied countless hours with well-renowned teachers in the following styles of yoga:

* Ashtanga - vigorous strength-building in a heated room, often taught Mysore-style with specific sequences that build upon each other, with attention to mindful breathing. Practiced 6 days per week.

* Iyengar - specific attention paid to alignment, assisted by props (e.g., blocks, straps).

* Yin - slow stretching of the connective tissues in long held, meditative positions with restorative props (e.g., bolsters, sandbags).

* Vinyasa - fast-paced sequences tied together with breath, often coupled with music, in a heated room.

* Bikram - heated to 100 degrees, a toxin-releasing, cleansing sequence taught in a mirrored studio dedicated to heat and humidity control.

* Pranayama - specific breathing exercises, such as alternative nostril breathing geared toward balancing the yin / yang, feminine / masculine sides of the body.

* Insight Meditation - watching the mind's stories come and go, with mindful attention to acceptance and letting go.

What's common between each and what's most important is the secret of breath.

treats for family members


As a traveling private yoga teacher, I am often encountered by my student's family members. The children and pets often want to have some special time with me too. 

Robin doing padmasana with a young yogini who practices often with her mother (With Maya Geere, daughter of Dr. Mima Geere)

breathe your peace


I use each of these styles in my own practice and customize each yoga session so that it's most beneficial. My goal is for you to leave our yoga class feeling revived, clearheaded and peaceful. 

Robin's student happily resting after floor backbend sequence toward end of vigorous practice...