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yoga teaching ideology

Image © Robin Ellen Lucas 

private lessons for relaxation


Private yoga lessons are catered to you. Whether you are a beginner needing basic body alignment, on a quest to bring circulation and strength back to surrounding areas after an injury, or an advanced yogi or yogini seeking peace within chaos, I customize a yoga practice to you. Your home or venue of choice will become your own yoga studio.

Let me help you clear out physical, emotional and mental blockages that hold you back in life. I merge psychology with yoga intuitively because blending the two has allowed me in my own practice to be introspective about what arises, yet with a trusting source of wisdom in the body that takes care of itself when broken open in all the wonderful ways yoga knows how.

Relax into the poetic movement of your own body and become inspired through your day.


somatic connections


I am a missing gap between western medicine and that which heals with spirit or somatic connections between the subtle body and physiology. The winning combination includes the body moving to find the answers, infiltrated with love and faith, being guided as it's meant to be.

Whether you're seeking to release trauma or seeking more joy in life, you hold what gets in your way within your body. As I work with my yoga clients one-on-one, I can see how the psyche protects certain vulnerabilities. I hold the space for whatever people need in order to express themselves without judgment.

My work as a teacher digs deeper than physiological intelligence in order to discern how the energy body handles subtle and psychological messages. It’s ok to feel emotion during or after yoga and not know why—to feel sad, angry, anxious over performance, or feel a stimulated nervous system. I encourage emotional release over repression.

Take your yoga a step further by giving yourself the avenue to explore the deep connection between what you hold in your body and what happens when it's unleashed. I have learned techniques through my Master of Arts degree in East-West Psychology to capture what you learn so that you evolve and use your own personal powers to your advantage.


you are worth it


Just as you would dedicate time to nurture yourself with a massage, you can treat yourself to a private yoga class with your name on it, specialized and customized to you. The mere act of spending money on yourself allows you to essentially send a signal to your inner self to let go, which allows the yoga to do its powerful work.


wellness events


Although in-home yoga privates are my specialty, I also hold a special place in my heart for wellness events. To that end, I'm available for private parties, for group gatherings on retreats, or for out-of-town guests needing some special spa and/or nurturing time for personal yoga sessions.


Image © Robin Ellen Lucas