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commitment is required in order to evolve


A true, healing yoga practice is for a lifetime. I'm here to get you started on your journey toward optimal health on many levels, from your physique to your nervous system and more... In order to feel and live the results of my work, you'll need to commit to yourself.

I offer a minimum of 12-week programs. Once or twice a week, we will meet one-on-one for a session. You'll be practicing a total of six days per week. On your independent days, you'll be practicing what I teach you.


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pre-booking required


I'm flexible by nature, but hold a full schedule with my yoga and writing clients. Consequently, I'll always do my best to fit you in to my calendar.


cancellation policy


I have a 48-hour cancellation policy for weekly appointments. Although you'll have paid me already for first and last month, your appointment time assures your time with me and to cancel early means you're giving that up. Payment due in full for all cancels within 48 hours.

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