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\əˈsen(t)SHəl\  absolutely necessary; extremely important; fundamental or central to the nature of something or someone.

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Essential Oils for Soul Series: Scents and Remedies

Welcome to my essential oils journey coupled with ashtanga yoga practice and life. First 10-part series:

#1: Creativity and Trust
#2: Feminine and Personal Power
#3: Anger Management
#4: Pain Management
#5: Skincare
#6: Calming Anxiety
#7: Alkalinity, water and supportive essential oils
#8: Staying alert, focused
#9: Breathing, respiratory system and unconditional love
#10: Happiness and the power of being grounded
#Finale: Bridging yoga and essential oils

Second 10-part series:

#11: Hormones, balance
#12: Sleeping
#13: Spirituality
#14: Calm on vacation
#15: Love and romance
#16: Food and wellness
#17: Oxygenating the body
#18: Ocean-filled air and psyche
#19: Making a living through health
#20: Surviving the holidays

Check my yoga blog for yoga, spirituality and essential oil remedies mixed in.

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essential oils for soul: weekly scents and remedies, week eleven

Hormone balancing - Clary Sage, Clove, Ylang Ylang (Image © Yoga Robin®)

All about Hormone balance. Of course, it's best to stay in balance at all times, especially with your endocrine system. When something goes wrong, the effects are often times confusing, and can even allow your senses and intellect to get buried. Happiness and grounding become quite impossible. For this reason, being proactive toward hormone balance is the best bet.

Endocrine glands and effects

(Source: off my Healing Series)

Before diving into specific hormones that effect me and their essential oil and yoga remedies, first let me summarize parts of the endocrine system (a.k.a., your hormones).

Pituitary gland: Lying on base of the brain, it’s the master gland as it controls the release of hormones from other glands. It’s vital to our well-being

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Essential oils for soul: Weekly scents and remedies, week nine


Breathe™ (Respiratory Blend) by doTERRA

inhale, exhale

And now for the topic of breathing. It's our natural way of life but to breathe most efficiently is surely the goal. Now that I practice ashtanga yoga and pranayama, my goal is to breathe euphorically.

I have a few angles to address on this topic: respiratory system, pranayama and yoga breath, essential oils to clear the airways due to allergies or sinus blockages.

breathe, respiratory blend

As I typed that sentence, I reached for my Breathe™ (Respiratory Blend) essential oil blend. It contains Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Ravensara and Cardamom. This blends works on all ailments of the respiratory system as an antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, antispasmodic, antiinflammatory, antibacterial and expectorant. It's supportive for asthma, bronchitis, viral infections, soothing and dialating the airways, mucous membrane, coughs and adrenal glands.

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Essential oils for soul: Weekly scents and remedies, week seven

Hydrate, alkalinize, live health (Image © Yoga Robin®)

And now I turn to the health of drinking pure water. Having creativity and trust in your life is first and foremost to overall health. Finding your personal power within your own unique blend of masculinity and femininity protects you. Anger management, pain management, skincare and calming anxiety all aid in returning you back to yourself—the self you are meant to be, pure and simple. Essential oils lend a tremendous boost to each of these efforts.

stay hydrated

Here is the power of hydration for the body, heart and mind: flushes out toxins, prevents headaches, helps digestive system, boosts brain power, improve skin complexion, increases energy, aids in weight loss.

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Essential oils for soul: Weekly scents and remedies, week four


doTERRA essential oils for pain management (Image © Yoga Robin®)

Moving past last week's subject of anger and its management with essential oils, this week is dedicated to soothing, aches and pains, tension and healing through essential oils. I'm going through an intensive yoga teacher training now so soothing is in order.

Of course, there are other methods for soothing ache and pains aside from essential oils. Epsom salt baths draw out the lactic acid buildup from sore muscles; epsom salts are magnesium.

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