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Yoga, what you do for me: A poem

poetic reality of yoga

you help me find my pure state of mind
you help me burn away layers of chatter with my fire
you help me fill gaps in ways that i can't get filled by anything
you help me stop fighting with myself within
you help me change energy into fuel
you help me open my eyes to see myself honestly
you help me witness patterns so they melt
you help stir the dust inside me
you help me open my heart
you help my mind become more fertile so it grows like grass
you help bring me to another plane of existence
you help me transform time
you help me float, fly, breathe under water in my imagination
you help me take a stand against my inhibitions
you help me find ...

the deepest parts of myself without fear...

you help me love my body
you help me feel euphoria
you help me believe in magic
you help me follow my intuition
you help me become an ever-flowing stream splashing over rocks
you taught me how to be still
you taught me how to bridge two people and speak without words
you taught me about my chakras
you taught me how to be grounded
you taught me how to find my own courage
you taught me how to face challenging energies
you taught me how to see all the colors of light swirling between two
you taught me how we absorb others
you taught me how i can do whatever i put my mind to

inspired by my yoga practice when i first felt the magic


© 2005 Yoga Robin®

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Reader Comments (2)

Beautiful, Robin! Thanks for sharing!

June 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRoger fallecker

my pleasure .... it was the first poetic words i wrote about the power of my yoga practice and how it changed my life. marked a turning point in my ways . glad you enjoyed. feel free to pass along

June 4, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterrobin

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