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Oxygen and healthy blood

Oxygen is a big part of blood (water is H2O) but the healthy levels of oxygen in blood come from the lungs. Blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the cells, and carbon dioxide waste from the cells to the lungs.

Lungs oxygenate blood

Oxygen saturation is the measure of the regulated balance of oxygen in the blood. Normal blood oxygen levels are 95-100% and as it dips below 90%, it's considered low resulting in hypoxemia; dipping below 80% compromises organs such as the brain and heart. Continued low blood oxygen levels may lead to respiratory or cardiac arrest. Oxygen therapy may be used to assist.

Breathing in yoga keeps blood healthy

Yoga helps to oxygenate the blood, which results in the high feeling of lightness but also health, as yoga's main purpose is to circulate the breath while we move our bodies.