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TCM parts and whole

Yin-Yang philosophy makes a lot of sense to me for yoga. It's a dialectic logic where the whole is a contingent structure in reciprocal interaction with its own parts and with the larger whole of which it is a part. As parts and wholes evolve as a consequence of their relationship, constants become variables, causes become effects, and systems develop that regenerate and destroy the conditions that give rise to them.

Causes become effects

The front of the body (yin) is protected by folding the arms and legs to enclose the chest and abdomen, whereas the back of the body (yang) is relatively exposed. Qi is yang which is activity; blood is yin which is substance. Blood is yin, and circulating it is yang. Blood is considered the medium of the mind as it carries information (chemical messages, hormones). (Source: Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine, Beinfield & Korngold)