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Digestion connected to emotions

My Digestive System seems to be related to my emotions and my yogic energy. It doesn’t make intuitive sense that it would be connected, but I have proof. It’s an interesting subject that isn’t talked about so openly. If working optimally, my emotional and physical self are definitely more balanced.

In fact, a five day green juice cleanse (very intestinal) forces me to go through the largest range of emotions as they are felt and released. When it's over, I am left with the most clarity in the mind.

When I am most stressed, it's most helpful to breathe into the lower belly for calming. I do this in yoga but also in life. Interestingly, it's all related to the same physical area of the body.

Here is why...

Vagus nerve connects digestive to nervous systems

There is a lot more going on in your belly than abdominal muscles. Our guts (literally) are in the area that has been medically proven to be a second brain, the Enteric Nervous System. Including neurons, neurotransmitters, hormones, your gut is able to learn, remember and produce emotion-based feelings. The two nervous systems are connected through the vagus nerve.

I use my belly's intelligence in yoga, sealing in the energy by activating the internal muscular and energetic locks: Mula bandha, Uddiyana bandha.