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Heal yourself

On the aforementioned neck issue, I also saw a western medicine orthopedic surgeon whose answer was to do an MRI to verify that I had a bulged disc and then inject it with steroid shot. I asked why it can't be injected without the $1300 MRI? Answer: procedure and uncertainty.

Holistic health

I was already certain and becoming skeptical of western medicine protocol. Chiropractic (kinesiology style) was the answer, but first was reducing the inflammation with ibuprofen and ice. This diminished the size of the disc, giving the vertebrae (bone) less reason to be pushed out of alignment. This allowed the chiropractic adjustments over three weeks to relieve pressure from the nerves which took over my arm. Muscles in my tricep still twitched years later until... Mysore Ashtanga yoga.

Listen to your body

The daily Ashtanga yoga utilizes my triceps and arms to the extent they needed in order to regain muscle memory. At this point in my Mysore yoga practice, I don't even need to go to a chiropractor for my neck, as my practice provides that for me, plus a lot more. My injury was my teacher though.