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Endocrine System, Aging and Spine Health

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Stay in balance

I feel dramatic physical changes when I’m psychologically disrupted (starting with my mind's thoughts). When this happens—sometimes brought on by my intensive yoga poses that release trapped energy—my body reacts by changing its release of hormones.

Intuitively, staying in balance is imperative (physiologically, psychologically, spiritually). I feel the innate ability to balance myself out no matter what.

Mysore Ashtanga releases toxins

It’s a trickier task with my Mysore yoga as I go everyday regardless, and do the same sequence each day. This is my practice of subtle balance (no pun intended). If I’m tired, I go slower; if I’m heated, I cool off; if i’m in pain, I don’t go as deep into aggravating inflamed body parts; if I'm emotional, I prepare myself during heart-opening poses (backbends) by noticing what’s happening.

After yoga, I take good care of my state of being (to balance out) with either rest, epsom salt bath, private seclusion, warming/cooling foods/liquids, writing, etc.

Energy redirected to overcome imbalance

Stress can be defined as the Nervous System’s "fight or flight" system recruiting the body’s energy stores to overcome imbalance with hormones. The subtle body has its own way of disrupting the field—one being the loss of the spirit connection.

Yin and Yang are Traditional Chinese Medicine’s interdependency of opposites. There cannot be activity without rest.

Ashtanga yoga cleansing is challenging

Just knowing that my Mysore practice is training my entire system to integrate its teaching and balance out makes me smile. Sometimes sleeping it off is the best way to counter balance stress and fatigue (as toxins) as they cleanse their way out of my system after yoga. Also, learning to balance the right and left sides of the brain. And keep going to yoga.

“Do your yoga, and all is coming." ~Pattahbi Jois