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Integumentary System, Energy and Ego

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Find your truth 

As eloquently put in the Bhagavad Gita, yoga

"compares a thought to a seed: [it's] very tiny, but it can grow into a huge, deep-rooted, wide-spreading tree… a seed in a crack in pavement [can grow] into a tree that [tears] up the sidewalk. [It's] difficult to remove such a tree, difficult to undo the effects of a lifetime of negative thinking… but it can be done.”

Undo the effects of negative thinking

My yoga practice has been showing me how, and it’s not because I am focusing on the seed. It happens unconsciously, which is the only way for me—I’ve learned that my own conscious will is too stubborn.

According to Gurdjieff,

"the truth can be approached only if all the parts that make up the human being—the thought, the feeling and the body—are touched with the same force and in the particular way appropriate to each of them. Without an effective understanding of this principle, there will be a mechanical repetition of forms of effort that never go beyond a quite ordinary level.” (Source: The Reality of Being: The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff)

Something to contemplate...