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Anatomy & Ashtanga yoga

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Western science

Western anatomy, one of the basic essential sciences of medicine is the progressive understanding of the functions of the organs and structures of the human body. In this Healing Series, I discuss the anatomical systems in the order in which they became of great focus for me in learning the Ashtanga yoga sequences.

Anatomy and human body

  • Skeletal System contains bones and our structural framework. 
  • Muscular System comprises muscles.
  • Integumentary System is composed of skin and glands. 
  • Endocrine System secretes hormones into the blood to bring about physiological changes.
  • Respiratory System is the breathing and exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the cells and environment.
  • Lymphatic System delivers nutrients to the tissues and removes waste products from them.
  • Nervous System deals with the brain, spinal cord, sensory and motor neurons.
  • Digestive System breaks down food molecules and absorbs minerals and water into the body.
  • Urinary System regulates fluids surrounding cells.
  • Cardiovascular System is responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen to tissues and removing metabolic waste products.