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Lymphatic System, Immune System and Creativity

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Lymphatic System

If my Lymphatic System is off balance, that's when I feel the effects of it (when it's not working). My lymph nodes swell up and are painful when the system is not working adequately. Yoga breathing, physical movement and a stress-free lifestyle are proactive toward lymphatic imbalance.

Protection against infection and disease

The Lymphatic System is the body’s drainage, composed of lymph nodes and ducts that transport watery fluid called lymph. Its purpose is to protect me against infection and disease as it operates as part of the Immune System. I seldom get sick so I must be doing something right. I give my lifestyle, that is induced by Ashtanga yoga, credit.

From a nutritional standpoint, drinking warm water and lemon first thing in morning balances pH, detoxifies and hydrates the Lymphatic System as it helps rid the system of toxins. I do this before my morning coffee without thinking, while I'm half asleep. It's my balance.

Working together with the Cardiovascular System, the Lymphatic System delivers nutrients to cells and removes metabolic waste. A one-way system, it brings lymphatic fluid from the tissues and brings it to circulation in the blood for use. The Immune System is closely related, specifically responsible for the body’s response to foreign microorganisms and molecules. The Immune System operates through cells of the Lymphatic System.