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Discomfort, unnecessary pain and karmic pain

There’s lots of discussion in Ashtanga about pains, and what is necessary for growth past patterns along with what type of pain is to be avoided. I identify with the notion of different types of irritations that we go through in life to detox ourselves: Creative discomfort, unnecessary pain and necessary, karmic pain.

Discomfort, unnecessary pain, vs. karmic pain

It’s important to recognize the difference, where discomfort helps you along in your practice, pain does not. It's more beneficial to adjust alignment where pain occurs repeatedly in order to truly feel the body's joy. That is what should be repeated. Karmic pain is what remains after adjustments, and once recognized as that, should be faced and felt so that it has a opportunity to burn off its karma. (Source:

I personally have experienced these discomforts and pains and have gladly adjusted accordingly. I felt the necessary, karmic pain in the Nervous System, where “pain” is agitation/overactive nerves. The Intermediate Series detox for the Nervous System identifies and speeds up the burning off of the “pain” (a.k.a., Samskaras). Whatever has arisen, I've continued on in my practice, feeling it’s meant to be and a gift for me. When I’m done with my practice and in the comfort of my home, I sit with the feelings and have grown to like the uneasiness (because they are working magic and then go away, but only if I sit with them). In the same way I grew to like the physical, muscular pains when I first started Mysore and realized the practice was working to change me on a spiritual level.

It's all about balance. When I utilize all methods I know to bring my Nervous System back into balance, I feel euphoria at the idea that this challenging part of who I am is breaking down more through my fearless yogic path, performed with the utmost of consistency.