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Respiratory System, Breathing and Meditation

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Respiratory system

In anatomy, the breath is part of the Respiratory System. We breathe to stay alive, inhaling oxygen coming into our lungs (which gets into our blood and then releases the energy from our cells for us to use), and exhaling carbon dioxide (waste product and toxic if accumulated).

Oxygenate the blood

The pulmonary artery brings oxygen-poor blood and carbon dioxide-rich blood to the Alveoli, microscopic branching airways to the lungs. The Lungs nourish the blood. Blood leaving the lungs is low in carbon dioxide and rich in oxygen.

Parts of Respiratory System:

  • Nasal cavities. Air enters through nose or mouth to the Pharynx (throat).
  • The lungs occupy most of the thoracic cavity (containing the Alveoli, respiratory membranes)
  • Respiratory muscles: diaphragm muscle and intercostal muscle give the lungs power.
  • Portion of the brain called Respiratory Control Center controls breathing.