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Through living life and yoga with balanced chakras—one of yoga's many benefits—I get in touch with much of my own darkness and light through my subtle body.

When darkness arises in yoga, I have learned that you can demystify the fear by facing it head on.

This is a study in neuroscience. I wrote this poetic version of how I experience the chakra system.

You transfix me: You are my chakras

You are a work of art. It’s not easy but you do it. You live true to who you are and know it. When you are open, chakras, in my yoga practice, I don’t question it. 

dear chakras, you help me walk with strength, enchanted. i’m open to each of you as you arrive, speak and feel. i know who you are…

You keep my boundaries yet are open, but not too open. Don’t depress me, and don’t cloud me. Too much universal energy in my body too fast makes me feel like I just got hit by a bolt of lightning, and that maybe you did it. Did you?

You move from the base of my spine up the sushumna to the crown of my head and then I know you are alive through subtle channels (nadis). 

Root chakra (1st): Get grounded

Chakra one (Muladhara Chakra), am I grounded? It’s easy to float through life without being in my mind and body. It’s easier to be in someone else’s mind. You are connected to my basic needs, security and survival. You are primal in nature. You are no joke. If I can’t get past this, I stay here.

Make my dreams come true; connect to me. Physically located at the base of my spine, I feel your power when I stand up tall, feet plugged into the earth, grounded.

dear first chakra, i don’t know you or how you do it, but when i’m not looking you trap me and hold me down. your arms are heaviness encapsulating me. but, when i feel you grounding me, each of my toes touch the floor at the same time and know their purpose.

Too dominant, I am self-centered. Living from you takes all I’ve got. There isn’t much room for anything else. It takes over my precious life.

Blocked, I can’t hide because what’s lurking below in the dark will control me anyway—and it will do it in a devious way. It causes displaced anger, insecurities, depression, fear and powerlessness.

You reside in the hips, legs, lower back and sexual organs (male). It’s helpful to know your connection to the 7th chakra, in particular the spirit connection with the universe, to help my fear feel comfort. Balanced, my life is grounded and stable. I breathe fully whenever I think of it.

Sacral chakra (2nd): Feel creative

Chakra two (Svadhishthana Chakra), do I feel creative now? Right now. Or is there something that you know is trapped inside me? Am I living the life you meant me to live? You are connected to my basic needs for sexuality, creativity, intuition and self-worth.

Increase my confidence. Physically located in my lower abdomen, I feel you as my inner cravings transform to thriving energy.

dear second chakra, i want you to understand something. it isn’t me, it’s you. i need you. i don’t want you to leave ever.  i want to eat you up. i need to keep you close.

Too dominant, I revolve around satisfying desires, which becomes a pattern, full of short-lived joys and slumps where I feel discouraged.

Blocked, my passions hide. Instead, I am emotionally explosive, manipulative, obsessed with sexual thoughts or lack energy.

You reside in the lower back, sacrum, sexual organs (female), kidneys, bladder and large intestine. Your deep connection to the 6th chakra of intuition helps me balance your creative forces. Balanced, I am open to my sensuality and trust my path.

Solar Plexus chakra (3rd): Be self-assured

Chakra three (Manipura Chakra), It is time for you now. I use your momentum when your energy picks up and rises. I'm fascinated by what's on the other side of you. I go with it as you connect me to the drive to make things happen.

Feed my self-esteem on the way to our edge. Physically located in my solar plexus, I feel you stoke my inner fire and guide me. 

dear third chakra, i have a hard time waiting, as if impatience is my path to you. run to me as i run to you, please. i’ll meet you there. hurry. i’m waiting.

Too dominant, I am always moving, never stopping and am not fulfilled, and am angry. You make me impatient.

Blocked, I suffer from low self-esteem, may eat extra carbs to cover up feelings, and I’ll lack confidence, be confused, and feel others control me.

You reside in the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and small intestine. Your connection to the 5th chakra of communication helps me with my self-esteem. Balanced, I am outgoing, expressive and enjoy a strong sense of personal power.

Heart chakra (4th): Open heart

Chakra four (Anahata Chakra), love enters me when it’s ready. It finds me still and allows me to know your complete clarity.

Connect me to my heart. Physically located at the center of my chest, I feel love, sadness, fear or anxiety in your vulnerability. Sticking with your guidance shows my courage and rewards me with a pure feeling heart.

dear fourth chakra, with you i believe how precious the teardrop is. you feel me then. how could you not? i am full. i have been carrying the holes of you. i love you.

Too dominant, I cannot hold back emotion. I frequently cry. I don’t understand why others don’t understand. I am alone with my emotions.

Blocked, I feel apathetic about love, but sense something missing in my life. I am paranoid about loving, afraid of letting go, afraid of getting hurt and feel unworthy of love. I won’t want to get out of bed so that I can hold you closer.

You reside in the heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders and upper back. You are the energetic center of all of the chakras. I revolve around you. Balanced, I have an open heart with softness that reigns over sadness, resulting in powerful love.

Throat chakra (5th): Be articulate

Chakra five (Vishuddha Chakra), are you hearing my own words before I speak them? Are you clear within yourself? If you aren’t, then I won’t be either.

Connect me to my inner voice. Physically located at my throat and neck region, I communicate truths by hearing your whisper. 

dear fifth chakra, do you know what i wish to say to you? how did you hear through my silent fog? it’s ok, i know how.

Too dominant, I talk all the time just to fill space, not necessarily my truth. My secret will be inside but you won’t tell me.

Blocked, I will feel silenced without words, and I won’t believe that you or anyone wants to hear me. I’ll go into a cave, removed from society, feeling timid and quiet.

You reside in the throat, neck, teeth, ears and thyroid gland. Your connection to the 3rd chakra of self-esteem helps me with communication. Balanced, I am artistically-inspired and centered within my words.

Third Eye chakra (6th): Find intuition

Chakra six (Ajna Chakra), intuitive and clairvoyant, you are. You see what’s really going on.

Connect me to your inner knowing. Physically located at the spot between my two eyes, I feel at peace and that my questions have been mysteriously answered. 

dear sixth chakra, i know before you know. it’s a feeling. it’s knowledge. it’s truth. i would bet anything on it. circle back and find me.

Too dominant, you will allow intuitions to be my only path in life, and I will not be as considerate to life’s realities and the universe’s intentions for my life.

Blocked, I will not be able to use your perceptions that are innate to who I am. Feeling non-assertive, I’ll be afraid of success.

You reside in the eyes, face, brain, lymphatic and endocrine system. I’ll be helped along the way with creativity in your connection to 2nd chakra. Balanced, I am my own master and feel telepathic.

Crown chakra (7th): Find spirit connection

Chakra seven (Sahasrara Chakra), you connect me to the infinite world, where I know that your moments are made just for me.

Physically located at the crown of my head, I feel the most blissful part in my yoga practice with your influence. 

dear seventh chakra, you are like the candle flame that always burns, the one i cannot tell is you or me or we.

Too dominant, I may lose touch with reality, and prefer floating on a cloud. Euphoria will matter most to me. I’ll be selfish about this.

Blocked, I’ll feel out of touch with my spirit and be constantly frustrated and depressed. I will not feel held by something greater and I’ll be overwhelmed (routing back to fear in the 1st chakra).

You reside in the soul and spirit, finding a ground in reality through me. Balanced, I’ll have total access to the universe and to my unconscious.

You are me. You are my chakras.


Published on Rebelle Society 10.3.14