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Sim, Photographer - Mill Valley, CA

strong and peaceful

I freely write this endorsement for Yoga Robin, because her highly skilled personalized classes and steadfast encouragement has had a profoundly important role in my recovering from bilateral reconstructive shoulder surgeries and a busted foot.

After having been through years of intensive Physical Therapy, I was still not progressing as knew I needed to be. Then a few months ago, I began working with Robin and her intuitive, customized, personal yoga training. She has a special ability to teach yoga techniques that fit my particular needs, yet still keep traditional knowledge within our practices. The reality is, I'd never done yoga before meeting her, and while a bit slow to start, today I feel so damn strong and peaceful at the same time - thank you Robin you rule!

So to you, the people who read this, I say without reservation: Trust the flow and call this amazing trainer... You too can feel as good as I do. Thanks for reading my story and may yoga touch your life as deeply as it's become an inseparable part of mine...

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