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The sacred in everyday life

I follow my fire

The poetic fire in my heart will undoubtedly lead the way as I feel my way through life guided by its sacred energy.

I am an eater of the "poisonous leaves of the plant" (John Welwood) in order to truly feel, and then become immune, as I invite intense situations to exacerbate them in order to see my boundaries. In doing so, it unlocks the vitality contained in the poisons—that which can help me maintain my connection with the earth, my passion, and everyday life.

Unlock the poisons

In other words, I go straight into the fire. Ideally, I see my path in life as an ineffable river that simply flows as I follow my instincts, moving my body and mind as if I am escorted as a puppet on a Divine string.

I see the sacred everywhere

I feel this sacred subtle presence moving through me in many facets of life. It is inherent in the elemental composition of my body, in my Hatha yoga practice, in my angelically guided path, in my connections to other beings, in my connections to myself and in my connections the Divine itself where I feel deep love in my heart.

I speak internally to this reality as “you”, knowing that although I move within the boundaries of different covering of layers, they are all one. I experience a vibrant warmth when knowing overcomes me and I can feel that it is actually sacred and much larger than myself, and I feel as if I am without a buffer between myself and my true nature.

It is like the tiniest branches, as roots, like vines have reached into me and grow around me. The roots are fed by my body as it moves. Once the sacred roots are wrapped around me securely, if my body is still for too long resulting in stagnance, the roots unwrap.

Feeling malnourished, I am left with an emptiness, a disconnection, where my heart stops a little wondering what happened. I speak within to these roots asking if you are real.

Inside me

I am inside you, you say, and we move and grow in cycles; I have not let go, only resting, maybe sleeping. Our tiny roots are silently fertilizing themselves as the spirit of one drives the spirit of the other. What we are growing is tender and innocent like a baby deer crossing the road following its mother. We just relinguish our holding and follow.

Aikido tradition

Aikido Japanese martial arts master, Morihei Ueshiba, describes the way to deflect bad energy by not letting it pass through you but to throw it off, without lessening the power of your being, letting no bad enter your soul. He shows us that the spiritual can defeat the material, even against the most overwhelming, seemingly impossible, odds.

Japanese samurai warriors, as in the movie, The Twilight Samurai, have such strength of character that they surmount and master obstacles, bringing into their own being the power of the obstacle. They accomplish the near impossible with their gift to channel all of their fear and insecurity into a tiny speck which they drop to the ground as their attention drifts off instead into a spiritual moment of mist where anything is possible and even without seeing physically with their own eyes, they can see clearly and with that incredibly clear conscience master any demon.

I take these Japanese spiritual lessons into me as tools to move the sacred within me to protect me, to keep me spiritually powerful and to fertilize the tiny roots inside me. For years I have reflected on this poem from the Art of Peace, taking it on as my mantra as it speaks to my peaceful watery essence and the notion of unseen blessings found in letting life flow, and seeing time as a river without boundaries:

Do not fail.
To learn from the pure voice
of an ever-flowing mountain stream
splashing over the rocks.

~Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido ~

Yoga has helped me change bad patterns

My Hatha yoga practice has shown me the way to plow my way through my old, destructive mental patterns, as if a visitor passing through removing dead ashes that long ago became the remains of that which has already been burned and purified. It is about realizing my karma.

To my body, my heart, my mind and my life, I speak. I want to get inside you, to understand the secret of you.


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