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In my blood: Cardiovascular system, the heart and its many facets

Koundinyasana B (Image © Robin Ellen Lucas)

In a song that keeps playing today, I hear my blood. It speaks of being inside my blood. From my yoga Healing Series on Cardiovascular System—combing through various anatomical systems, presenting the physiological, emotional, spiritual and yoga aspects—I am reminded that this was my favorite section. It was the last one; I saved the best for last, as the cliché goes.

It's all about the heart. Blood and plasma, protection from disease, effects of oxygenating the blood, emotional and subtle heart, unresolved traumas, yoga and the venous return to the heart, blood as a healing entity, blood circulation affecting the nervous system, traditional chinese medicine perspectives, somatic levels of changes, etc.

Back to the song:

"Every time I close my eyes I know that I'll wake up." 

We know that we'll wake up again each morning because our blood is flowing.

"I don't know how it happened, but you got into my blood. And I feel like you're lifting me up. Was it real or did I just make it up?"

It's real.

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Robin Ellen Lucas, M.A.

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