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Yoga for kids: Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher

Yoga kids

Children have a natural knack for yoga postures whether they know it or not.

image © robin ellen lucas

Many are dying to practice like many of the adults in our society now. Many of the schools offer after school yoga programs or even have yoga weaved into their P.E. curriculum. Yoga is spreading...

For teaching children yoga the biggest challenge is getting them to focus, stay still and be silent. So the strategy for teaching yoga to children is somewhat different than it is for adults. It also depends on the age group.

The younger children, up to age 10 (maybe younger for some) respond better to making yoga fun and not serious. They can still get the benefits of gaining strength, flexibility, and clearing out their minds.

They prefer to listen to energetic music and stand in a circle so they can all see each other. It is great to go around the circle and let each child take turns making up a yoga pose that mimics a certain animal (sounds included). The idea is to keep them together as one unit so that they remain engaged in the activity and enjoy it. Always keep the activity moving so that they pay attention. They can be taught the simple task of learning the yoga breath.

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Making the perfect yoga music playlist for a dynamic yoga practice

Music and yoga paired

For making the best yoga playlist, from my experience it's all about the chakras—the energy centers located along the spine and in the head connected by channels which funnel energy throughout the body...

During a phenomenal yoga practice your mind, body, heart and soul move through the whole chakra spectrum, ideally starting at chakra 1 and progressing upward to chakra 7. Therefore, it creates a moving and dynamic yoga practice to have the music emulate this journey.

For a 90 minute practice, or I prefer a 108 minute practice...

Chakra 1) is about being grounded and survival mode. It's at the base of your spine. It's all about plugging your feet in the earth and allowing the grounding force to connect us to the energies that empower our being. Chose one song that is tribal in nature like drums or Tibetan.

Chakra 2) is about sexuality and creativity. Its focus is in the lower abdomen. It's about feeling that inner craving and sexuality within yourself and transforming it to inner fuel. Chose a couple songs that stir this part of your nature.

Chakra 3) is about momentum, getting moving, making things happen, and feeding our self-esteem. Its focus is in the solar plexus—below the ribcage. Chose fast songs that make you really want to move. You will remain in this chakra for longer than the prior two so, chose 3-4 songs.

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Starting or getting motivated for a yoga practice

New yoga class

Are you new to yoga and hesitant to begin? Do you feel like you are the only one left who has never tried yoga?

Do you let an injury hold you back, and tell yourself, "I'll start when it's healed"? Do you feel like it would be too difficult? Do you feel it would be too boring?

Do you tell yourself you are not flexible enough, not strong enough, not spiritual enough?

Whatever the reason, I am here to tell you that there is no good reason to hesitate. Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a yoga practice for everyone. Start today!

There is no better time than the present to invest in your mind, body, heart and soul....


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Yoga, what you do for me: A poem

poetic reality of yoga

you help me find my pure state of mind
you help me burn away layers of chatter with my fire
you help me fill gaps in ways that i can't get filled by anything
you help me stop fighting with myself within
you help me change energy into fuel
you help me open my eyes to see myself honestly
you help me witness patterns so they melt
you help stir the dust inside me
you help me open my heart
you help my mind become more fertile so it grows like grass
you help bring me to another plane of existence
you help me transform time
you help me float, fly, breathe under water in my imagination
you help me take a stand against my inhibitions
you help me find ...

the deepest parts of myself without fear...

you help me love my body

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